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Rank Advancements






Second Class


First Class








Eagle Palms

Troop 69 Scouts are encouraged to advance through the First Class rank within two years from joining the Troop. After attaining First Class rank, Scouts are encouraged to earn five merit badges a year. They are also encouraged to obtain Troop Leader Training skills. We’ve found that a Scout who attends most Troop meetings and activities should have no trouble meeting these goals. With these expectations in mind, the Scoutmaster and Asst. Scoutmasters hold individual conferences, monitor training sessions, hold Boards of Review, and are available for added counseling when required. The Troop Committee assists and supports this program.

Troop 69 is proud that many of its members have reached the rank of Eagle Scout. Our patrol leaders work with each patrol member in rank advancement. Many new scouts attain rank through summer camp programs. Scouts are encouraged to earn merit badges individually or in groups/patrols. Many troop parents are merit badge counselors, and community members are brought into meetings to help Scouts earn badges and skills. Troop 69 holds quarterly Courts of Honor.

Merit Badge Library
The troop’s Merit Badge Library contains merit badge information, mostly books. These books contain help, information, and requirements regarding the completion of merit badges. Merit badges help you advance in rank and eventually reach the rank of Eagle.

Eagle Scout
One of our Assistant Scoutmasters is devoted to counseling the Life Scouts as they work toward their Eagle Scout rank. There is an Eagle Scout Committee, which helps Life Scouts and their families prepare for the Eagle Court of Honor ceremony.

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